Our tatted story

Prep, “our way”.

RagtimeAt Paris Walker lll, we chose ‘Dap’ (Dapper) the Croc because its skin is tough. Underneath his skin possesses his true identity.Tattoos are a mark of the 21st century and few expressions of individuality are more telling than a tattoo..

Sometimes, wearing a tattoo can be a sign that you belong to a certain group.The Tatted Croc is a Trademark of individuality where a person refuses to judge or be judged by social status, last name or pedigree. We speak to Millennials that care far more about helping people and overcoming cultural differences than about being rich or famous.

Our Prep Style was inspired by the Masters in Augusta, Georgia and the Tatted Culture.

When most Augustans attended College we were easily identified by our preppie style. Whether you were from the hood or middle class your struggle PREPared you for the American Dream. Even though we enjoyed the good life, we never forgot where we came from. Tatted Croc is an ode to unique experience. We are turning Tradition into a Statement of Individuality.

Cool Smart Dress

The fact is, tattoo-lovers and preps are a proud bunch— they have consciously made a decision to tattoo their bodies or wear preppy (smart dress) clothing to proudly declare that they are what they are. While both lifestyles are viewed as worlds apart, they are not mutually exclusive. For those who appreciate prep fashion, yet resent the “better than-thou attitude” of insecure preps, Tatted Croc provides the “cool’ refreshing edge in smart dress, separating the fashion from the personality.

Design Inspiration

As PrepMasters, we are guardians and purveyors of the New Age Prep Culture – the inclusion of multicultural traditions that embrace the true diversity of America. This movement represents the predominating culture (attitude) and behavior that characterizes the clean and smart look in the new millennium with a focus on individuality. Our intimate knowledge of prep history and lifestyle serves as inspiration to assimilate designs and colors representing the best fashion ideals of a global culture. It is our goal to enlighten, refine and enhance the multicultural experience and the high degree of taste that come from fashion enculturation.